Mayhaw Jelly
What's a Mayhaw?

The mayhaw resembles a small crabapple. The tree is in the Rosacea family and the genus Crataegus. Mayhaw Tree The mayhaw is a Hawthorne tree and it bears its fruit in May, hence the name mayhaw. The fruit ranges in colors from pink to dark red, and one or two selections are yellow. The size of the fruit averages from one half to about one inch in diameter. The mayhaws are found in the Southern United States from East Texas, Louisiana, South Mississippi, South Alabama, South Georgia, and North Florida. The heaviest concentrations of native mayhaw trees is found in Grant Parish, Louisiana, and southeast Texas, and in the Pearl River swamps of Mississippi. Today, there are many Mayhaw orchards. These orchards grow several ‘improved’ varieties of Mayhaw trees. The majority of our fruit comes from these commercial orchards. Mayhaw trees may be ordered by clicking Mayhaw Trees on the side panel.